Bird on the Rocks is the original inventor of the Flat Flagstone Perch. You will find our perches at the best prices all the while providing you with the greatest most personal shopping experience on the Web!We feature our custom crafted Flat Flagstone Perches. These flat shelf perches are VET Approved by Dr. KIM DANOFF DVM. We also carry a complete line of Manzanita and Dragonwood Perches made especially for exotic birds and parrots of all sizes, from Parrotlets to Hyacinth Macaws.  We also offer parrot chew toys , climbing net play gyms , cage accessories and even perches for your exotic mammals like Chinchillas !We look forward to building a relationship with you and are always willing to accommodate any custom requests.  Please contact us today if there is anything at all we can help you with.

John Koss
President and Owner
Bird on the Rocks