About Us

BIRD on the ROCKS is the original and only online provider of unique, handmade Flagstone Perches.

Bird on the Rocks also has a complete line of Manzanita perches.

Each perch is manufactured individually from high quality materials and with great attention to detail. We carry a collection of Flagstone and Manzanita perches to suit all your small and large birds needs.

High quality and affordable prices guide us in our quest to satisfy our customers completely.

Founded on integrity and honesty. We target what our customers want.

Browse through the site and judge for yourself. Those who purchase from BIRD on the ROCKS love our products and services and keep coming back for more.

As our customer base continues to expand so does our product line. Check us out often as we are always adding customer requested products.

Located in Palos Heights, IL – all of our products are made by us and designed by us using only the best materials.

If at any time there is anything we can do for you please don’t hestitate to contact us .

Meet Eddie in the photo to the
left on his stand. He loves it.
It is so well made.  Eddie ought
to know because he has
combed every inch looking for a
weak spot in order to chew it up. . .
he climbs the metal toy holder
and swings on it, using it as a
fire pole! Thanks so much!